Well, whadya expect?

When and Where

Make plans. Go ahead. Do it. They are bound to change. Mine always do. I make a general outline of time and what will happen when, but they don’t always follow as imagine. Such is the excitement of travel! Here’s a general outline of the trips I have taken and my “plans” for the future.I really should just ditch the world “plan” and “plans” altogether and opt instead for thoughts, musings, ideas and possibilities. Now really, isn’t that more fun? I realize many of you wonder how on earth I can live like this. A modern nomad I am. I don’t need nice things, I don’t buy stuff I don’t need and I live simply and work along the way. That’s the short story. Also see the “How” section! Now…when are you coming back home??

A brief history of my travels: ‘When and Where’ run-down of past adventures and future possibilities:
Childhood road trips don’t count right? Well, here’s where my travel lust generally started:

Melbourne, Australia 2005

I studied abroad for a semester and fell in love not only with living in new surroundings with new people who spoke just slightly differently but intensely stoked the general concept and possibility of a “gap year” or two.

U.K. Wales and Scotland 2007
I graduate, take an internship with the Welsh college of music and drama and head off for my first travel-trek.

Ireland 2007
I mean, I was right there…I had to check it out for a week. Still need to return to see it proper.

Europe 2 months 2007
France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia. My whirlwind loop around Europe, bus and train. Need to return on bicycle to properly explore.

Australia 2007
A couple weeks in Melbourne and neighboring countryside to re-visit my friends.
New Zealand 2007-2008
A wonderful year in NZ. 4 months of it traveling the south island, the other 8 working in a lovely YHA hostel in the south. I shall return!

No big travels Nov. 2008- Apr. 2010
Back home in California, I work for a year and some in an animation studio, and a vegan bakery. I also did some extra work for tv shows…I was in LA afterall…the most unglamorous job…see past blogs for details of the “fun”.

West Africa 3 months 2010
Senegal, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Burkina Faso.

How many countries with travel warnings can we go through? One of my best friends from college, just finished her service in the Peace Corps and enticed me to come see some of West Africa with her. How could I refuse. A very dusty, bumpy and incredible journey. Check out Katie’s Africa blog here:

U.K.   2010
England, Wales, Scotland 5 months
Plans go awry! My supposed job I had in South Korea fell through so I decided to instead embark on a 3 month cycle trip from Wales to Scotland, WWOOFing along the way. “Wwoof” stands for WorldWide Opportunites on Organic Farms and is an incredible network across the world LINK. I would cycle for a few days, camp out, and then arrive at a farm I’d scheduled with, stay there and volunteer for a week, learn, help and make some very good friends. I didn’t blog during this time, trying to get away from flashing screens and such. But I do have many photos that need posting. Or even better, come find me for a story.

China  2011
Hey! Here we are! Currently, I’m living and teaching English in China. See I made it to Asia afterall. I’ll be here for the school year and then my mental musings have me traveling by train and bike around China and Southeast Asia. Who knows where I’ll get to…stay tuned…


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