Well, whadya expect?



What up bloggites! Yes, you are officially a part of the blogging community. I’m Ryan Lindsay, the Backpack Nomadic. I’m all over the place and not only in travel. I play ice hockey, i love to juggle, am insanely bicycle obsessed, surf when i can, and play a spattering of instruments. As for traveling…you guessed it…straight up backpacker…punk rock style. No, I’m not a complete hobo although one can dream. I grew up in southern California, made my way to the east coast for college, studied abroad, got hooked on travel, graduated in ’07 and took off  for a year and a half to the UK, Ireland, a lil’ loop of Europe, back to Oz where I had studied abroad in Melbourne and onto New Zealand where i worked (in a hostel of course) and traveled for a year (these adventures can be read in my blogroll…just navigate to any country and enjoy!).

Upon returning home to SoCal, I worked in Hollywood for a year and itched to get out and about for much of that time. Although L.A. proved an awesome place to live with plenty to write about and entertain, I still wanted to go on another extended trip. I’ll surely miss my friends and family, but here I am, a quarter century gal, ready to explore new territory. Join me!


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