Well, whadya expect?


I’ll Have a Pint With You Sir!!

Dublin, Ireland

August 28, 2007

little day trip outta the city

Well…many adventures in the last few weeks…so much that has happened in that time! the parentals joined me in scotland for the last couple of days…was great to see them and though no home cooked food or laundry services were provided, i did treated to many delicious meals out on the town, shows and drinks payed for, and extra spending money generously shoved into my pocket. Yay for parents! Ha…but obviously it was great to be able to share some of the experience with them and show them what an amazing place edinburgh is…especially during the festival. After those few days they were even convinced that speding the month of august in edinburgh sounds like necessary future vacation plan. It was tough to leave all of my new friends behind and head off. So many great memories…and i hate knowing that i won’t see people for quite some time (i know i’ll be back…). Actually some exciting news about one of the shows i was working on…i may have a job after my travels are done! The science show that i strongly felt needed a director…may indeed have one…fresh out of college in fact. We’ll see what happens, but i did get a chance (thanks to fellow friend and edinburgh intern Lee) to chat with them about the show and improvements i thought could be made. In true edinburgh style we discussed over a couple of pints and at the end he said he’d love to have me join “the team”. !!! let’s hope!! I could be stationed back in cardiff next year. Just can’t get away from the rain and gloom apparently! i may have to buy some sort of heat lamp to imitate the sun. just rig it right in the theatre or something.

so this is the real reason my parents came...GOLF! still in Scotland here

So after fully exhausting myself in edinburgh, my parents and i headed for the emerald isle. Hooray for traditional folk music, lots of guiness and everything green!! I really had no idea just how devoted the irish are to their thick , dark, flavorful beverage. Drinking guiness is a naitonal pastime in itself. I mean….it is bascially forced upon all those who inhabit the island…there are ads everywhere, people drink it everywhere, there are more pubs than…well… than ANYTHING, they have their own line ofheavy merchandising from t-shirts to underwear to oven mits, and hey…it just looks so good !

ahhh...here we are...now this is what it's all about!

Aesthetically pleasing beers get serious points in my book! many of you may know i am not a huge drinker, but i would literally crave a Guiness all day long…just walking past pubs peering in at the tap longingly…jealous of anyone in site with their hand gripped around that mighty glass of irish culture. So yes…it’s fair to say i had quite a bit of the tastey beverage…or liquid meal of sorts. After a couple of pints you actually feel like you’ve swallowed a rock…but in a good way. Besides the Guiness, since that is actually all i’ve talked about so far…Ireland was great…loved it. People were incredibly warm and friendly all around…we were in dublin the whole time so i was sad to not see more of the countryside…but as with every place i’ve gone to…supose i’ll just have to return! There’s just too much to explore!

But dublin…awesome city. Big enough that it’s got great life to it….but not overwhelming. Pubs….love them…wish we had them in the U.S. …we’re really missing out. And every pub that we’d go to…we’d usually come across great irish music being played. Ahh man…just great. Miss it already. Some of the pubs were unfortunately tourist ridden and i’m sure i didn’t see a “traditional” irish pub. At one point i knew it was time to leave when i saw a man and wife bring their video camera out and film each other sipping their guiness and pretending to jig along to the music. Ohh man…i was dying (of laughter and second hand embarassment) inside….and then…quickly exited. We saw so much…Trinity College and the Book of Kells…the Long Room librbary which is an incredible hall lined with ancient texts on either side and all the way to the ceiling. Ladders lined the walls…imagine charlie and the chocolate factory…but with books. Pretty sweet. Went on a literary pub crawl…actors tell stories about famous authors and act out peices of plays at the various pubs that poets and writers used to frequent. Went to the old jail that houses hundreds of years of history. We did so much…it’s hard to write about it and remember everything…wish i could put in all the details. But then i’d be writing a book.

pubbies everywhere...love it. so much character

Another highlight was our bust tour guide…yes that’s right…we did go on a tourist bus…and yes, the highlight was our guide. He was amazing…so funny…and informative of course! Really reminded me of a favorite teacher from high school…he sang, made jokes and recited poetry..and had a quip for just about everything. We took one day to head out of the city for a bit and went to a fishing community on the coast called Howth. It was a beautiful day and perfect for us to walk around and take a couple hours walk along a coastal trail high above the water. The sights were just incredible. And when we returned to the city we had our well-earned pint. And apparently as the adds say “Guiness is good for you” and “guiness gives you strength”…so it was perfect to revive us from our hike. The week in ireland flew by and soon we were packing up again: parents were heading home and i was off for Paris. well…i speak fluent english…let’s see how this goes…