Well, whadya expect?

About this Site

Good day readers! Welcome to a new backpacker travel site that for now will mostly revolve around my blog as I take off on a new trip but I hope to also slowly build up the rest of the site as a beautiful, kindly, and mildly entertaining resource for travelers to reference for all those travelly needs.

This site became an inkling in my racing mind after I began attempts to write a book about backpack traveling with how-to’s, conversational guidance, and plenty of storytelling to get one (you!) excited about travel… but alas, after a year being permanently stationed (rare for someone with nomadic desires), I made little progress. Now that I’m hitting the road again, I’ve marked this the perfect time to start writing more and get what i have written out to all of you. And perhaps I will inspire…then our winding paths can cross, weighty packs met in the middle of nowhere and smiling auras shared. This will be a great forum to get feedback and build on what I’ve rambled out so far. Here goes:


Hey…so what’s all this about “travel”? Backpacking, hosteling, traveling, global loitering, a hoboesque jaunt (?)…call it what you will. And if you’ve got that will, be sure you find your way onto the travel trek track.

Perhaps you’ve heard it before: travel when you’re young, when you’re free of commitments, house payments and screaming children. Or perhaps you’ve heard: you’re never too old to travel, just go for it, break loose for awhile, everything will still be around when you return. While I believe in both and have seen all types of the backpack traveler (I truly loved seeing anyone over 50 with a pack on their back strolling down a city street), I’m directing this towards the younger crowd simply because we’re more willing to put up with the haphazard wonderfulnesss of traveling by the seat of your ripped jeans. It may get a bit drafty, but it’s the earned rough comforts you love.

Lonely planet is fantastic for details, but what about those general questions. Holy shit, I’m going to france and I don’t speak French. Holy shit… I’m going all over the world and ‘I only speak English’ kinds of concerns. You know…things you wouldn’t necessarily map out, like…planning your day around strategic bathroom stops. That’s what I’m here for. Well, my typed words anyway.

Now is a better time to get away then ever. But before you do…read this! Yes, I may make a few demands but it’s a relatively convincing argument…I’ll show ya how to stuff your life in a pack and get away…it’s a Backpacker’s guide more essential than that jar of peanut butter you may be carrying around.


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